June 27, 2006
Seemingly Trivial

As I write this, the bones of my face ache and a pile of tissues grows bigger—allergies gone mad. It might be the raging wind outside. I see the trees being pushed around violently. Yet, I feel compelled to post something here because it has been a long time.

This is one of those phases every blogger seems to go through at various intervals, where you wonder if you want to keep doing it or not. Some of the reasons why I started writing here no longer apply. Life seems full with other activities.

I decide to do what often gives interesting results when I’m wondering about something. I’ll open a book randomly and whatever page I turn to will offer a message about the question at hand. Q: What about this blogging thing?

Here is the section that my fingers point to: “There is no act, no matter how seemingly trivial, that does not add to and consequently influence the whole…Nothing that is done is ever wasted or without effect on life. Nothing is ever so insignificant as to be unimportant. Everything in life matters and ultimately has a place, an impact, and a meaning.”

That makes me feel better somehow. At least I haven’t been wasting time, right? And if I go forward, it will mean something, at least to me, if not a few lovely readers. This reminds me of a William James quote: "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

Anyway, hope you are enjoying your summer.

June 08, 2006
I Am Someone Who

…just attended a preschool graduation, where students wore cap and gowns as they marched down the church aisle to “Pomp and Circumstance" then sang songs to the audience...

...and a first grade Carnival at the park

...and is happy that summer break starts at 12:40 p.m. tomorrow.

…is starting physical therapy for my back after six months of chiropractor visits (that have helped some but not enough).

…is behind on a lot of things but I’m catching up.

…just learned that my in-laws and niece are staying here this weekend.

…is making Chicken With Red pepper Cream Sauce for dinner in 45 minutes

…would love a nap.

…has two birthday parties to attend this weekend.

…hears a big mess being created in the next room (but at least there is no bickering).

…read some trashy gossip magazines this afternoon at the salon while the girls got haircuts and ate much candy

…has to wear a bathing suit in public in twelve days and really doesn’t care enough.