November 28, 2005
I am the Kind of Person Who...

feels compelled to eat some jujyfruits candy once in awhile.

doesn’t like watching sports on T.V. but enjoys having football games on because it feels homey and fall-like.

sometimes feels compelled to grab my kids to hug and kiss them even if they get mad.

should have Tivo by now.

finally figured out what colors look best on me and have not bought anything pastel since.

continues to chew gum even after the flavor is gone.

thinks meal planning and grocery shopping are the most tedious chores, yet feels guilty about it because we are so fortunate to be able to easily do such things.

adores books and being around books.

alphabetizes her spices (hey, it’s easier to find what you need that way).

would choose Twizzlers over chocolate.

is finally getting a holiday wreath for the front door this year.

lies awake at night after watching disturbing T.V. shows yet can’t stop watching them because they’re good.

has met some online friends in real life (we ate and shopped together in San Francisco).

likes both Angelina and Jennifer.

will be disappointed if you don’t leave a comment.

November 16, 2005

Driving around doing errands, I came to a red light where I stopped and noticed the green-with-white-writing sign above that said “Georgia St”—which made me think of the Georgia computer font, which made me think of my blog, because that was the font I used for posts on my old template, which reminded me again that I am remiss on updating here.

Does your mind work that way? One thing leading to another to another to another, thoughts hatching all over the place, never letting you rest? Or do I just need to learn to calm the heck down?

If you feel like it, look at something nearby and tell me what it reminds you of and what that reminds you of…

November 07, 2005
When Being Wrong is Adorably Right

Why is it that when children say, spell or do something the wrong way, it’s so endearing? If only I regularly recorded the cuteness that goes on around here. I think I’ll remember all the little stuff but I don’t.

Getting ready to cook some chicken fricassee the other day, four-year-old-S. told us that she wanted to do the coupons. She kept saying that she wanted to put the coupons in. Finally we realized that she was talking about the buillions, as in chicken buillion cubes. Buillions, coupons—it seems the same to a little kid.

The girls often play school together and here’s a page from a math book that six-year-old J. recently made. I love how she tries her best to sound out words but ends up misspelling them:

There's more numbers on the next page where she writes, “twany, twanyone, twanytow” up to “therdy.” In case you’re wondering, as I was exercising on our Ellipse machine she came into the room and asked me how to spell “8”—so she didn’t come up with that one herself. She’s a smart kid, but “eight” is tough one for a first grader.

Here the girls incorrectly play Monopoly—one of my favorite childhood games that I always played in a serious manner, as any burgeoning economics major would. Except they flip over the playing board to the all-blue side to make it “the ocean” and use turned-over $500 bills to make the sandy beach. On one side of the water, as you may barely notice in the photo, are some little beachfront homes and hotels. Hey, we live in California. (Although I think their ocean interest is more inspired by Sponge Bob).

At least I finally made note of some this, right? Sigh. Non-scrapbooking mothers unite!